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Sigi Arun - #SamastaRani

SamastaRani - Sigi Arun

Samasta celebrates strong women. #SamastaRani
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Vedika Arunachalam - #SamastaRani

SamastaRani - Vedika Arunachalam

Vedika Arunachalam played squash for India under-19s. She is currently playing on the Div I Squash for Georgetown University in Washington DC...
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Modal Silk

All about Modal Silk

Modal Silk is  a luxurious silky fabric that is considered a new natural fibre. It was first developed in 1951 in Japan and has improved over time. Modal Silk is made from wood pulp cellulose...
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Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi Sarees

The weaving culture in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh originated between the second and seventh centuries, but the Chanderi sari itself was woven in the thirteenth century, with the weavers originally being Muslims.
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Buy the Best Designer Sarees Online


If you’ve looking for a wide selection of exclusive, curated designer sarees online, look no further than Samasta, Chennai’s Dress Shop and Saree Boutique. Stand out with our distinctive drapes in a variety of weaves, embellishments and materials, from Kanjivaram and Chanderi to Maheshwari and Jamdani. In keeping with current trends, we also offer stylish blouses to perfectly complement our sarees. Our dresses and fashionable Indo-Western wear are also perfect add ons to your wardrobe - suitable to wear to work, or perfect for an evening out on the town, in comfortable materials and silhouettes to suit all body types.



Jamdani Sarees

With unbleached cotton yarn as a base, the Jamdani design is woven using bleached cotton yarns so that a light-and-dark effect is created. Akin to tapestry work, the weaving is a labour-intensive process, the resultant fabrics are delicate and a testament to the skill of the craftsperson. A Jamdani saree should definitely be a part of your wardrobe.



Silk designer sarees

At Samasta, we work directly with weavers in interior towns and villages, who have been perfecting their craft through generations. From Banarasi and Kanjivaram to Chanderis and more, we bring you the best curated silk sarees in India - perfect for any occasion.



Linen Sarees

Elegant, and the perfect material to drape, linen is ideal for India’s tropical climates, due to its breathability. Shop our exclusive collection of linen printed sarees online, today.



Kanjivaram cotton sarees

Samasta’s cotton handloom sarees include fine Fulia cottons designed by Mridulika  and Arundhati Menon. The Telia rumal ikat sarees are woven by a master weaver in Telangana.

Shop our specially curated collections of the best in dressy sarees online in India, today.

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