About us

Samasta’s designer duo

Samasta clothes and saris are designed by mother and daughter duo, Mridulika Menon Madiraju and Arundhati Menon.


Mridulika started Samasta after spending a decade in Washington DC. She creates elegant clothing that appeals to the global citizen while using beautiful Indian textiles. She has a Masters degree from Georgetown University in Communication, Culture and Technology and worked at the Aspen Institute USA. was inspired to return to India and work with textiles by her mother Arundhati.


Arundhati Menon is a textile maven who started the famous Shilpi boutiques in Chennai and ran it successfully for over 32 years. She curates and designs handwoven saris for Samasta. She  is passionate about keeping the rich Indian traditions alive. She has travelled around the country–from weavers’ villages in Phulia, West Bengal, to chikan work specialists in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The revivalist says, “Skilled labour is rare to find these days. The weavers are growing older and their children don’t seem to be interested in continuing their work. That’s why it’s so important for us to appreciate them and keep the craft alive.”