8 Tips on how to Care for your silk and silk cotton Saris

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 Fabric Care for Sarees

  1. SPOT CLEAN THE STAIN IMMEDIATELY —Most sari connoisseurs do not wash their saris after every use. If there is a stain or some dirt, use a mild stain remover and do some spot cleaning. Check the stain remover on the inside corner of the sari first so it doesn’t ruin the sari. Take care not to stain a silk sari—we recommend you stay away from spilling liquids especially curry and be vary of perfumes.
  2. DRY CLEAN FIRST TIME SARIS—We recommend you first dry-clean your silk saris especially georgette or chiffon saris. This helps maintain the look of silk.
  3. HANDWASH WITH A DILUTED MILD DETERGENT—Handwash your saris individually. Silk saris might run colour. Do not touch another wet sari. Finishing washing and hanging the sari out to dry before  starting to wash the next sari. While washing Do not rub the sari. Do not use a fabric cleaning brush. Do not wring dry the sari. You can dilute  a few drops of vinegar in water for the final rinse to fix the colour.
  4. DRY SEPARATELY IN SHADE- Do not put the sari in the drier. Dry the sari in the shade and definitely not in direct sunlight. If possible dry the sari laid out flat. 
  5. AIR OUT THE SARI —Air out the sari to remove any moisture before folding the sari and putting it in the cupboard.
  6. REFOLD THE SARI EVERY FEW MONTHS—Delicate saris might give along the folds. Try to fold the sari differently a few times a year even if you are not wearing the sari. Take care not to fold the sari along any embroidery or beads.
  7. STORE IN CLOTH SARI BAGS-Do not store saris in plastic covers. Try to store them in individual fabric sari bags made of light coloured thin cottons. Do not keep cotton and silk saris together.
  8. DO NOT USE NAPTHALENE BALLS—You can use lavender pouches in your wardrobe for the fragrance and to keep bugs out. However Avoid using naphthalene balls as the chemicals destroy sari fibres.

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